Dragon6 Privacy

Dragon6 is Operated by DragonFruit Network.

We use multiple services to make the experience as smooth and fast as possible. These involve cookies and disclosing information to third party services.

By using this site it is assumed you agree to these services being utilised.

All the data on this page is subject to change without notice.

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The Dragon6 Browser Edition uses cookies to store access keys generated by the server to get stats.
They also hold your region preferences and whether you have agreed to cookies and third party usage.

Google Analytics

Google analytics collects anonymized information including location, page load time and session durations.
The IPs that Google would normally collect are anonymized to protect users.


IPStack provide a service that uses your IP address to locate you to a region. This is then stored as a cookie to let the server know what ranked stats to show.
This can be changed and reset on demand.

Application Insights

Application Insights monitor our servers and let us know if there is any issue, meaning we can keep service at its optimum for as long as possible. This adds a javascript tracker to let us know if there are any issues. It collects no personal data but can be blocked with and Ad-Blocker if you wish

Data Storage

We don’t save any of your info unless you sign up. Your data will then be stored on a Firebase Server in the US. Unlike other sites, we don't store your info and refresh it to build a timeline.
We can guarantee the data we display is up to date and accurate.


Preferences, saved profiles and recents are stored locally and are never transmitted over the internet.


Google Firebase operate our Database, Hosting and Analytics platform. Firebase SDKs may take information, including (but not limited to) the device OS and version number to give us a better idea of how people use the app and provide a better experience. Load times are also analyzed to give us an insight into optimization opportunities.


Sentry operate an error tracking system. In the event you discover a bug, Sentry will capture device info (Device Model, OS Version, etc.) and the series of events that led to the crash to allow developers to fix the bug quickly.

App Centre

Microsoft App Centre was used in versions prior to V1.5 to collect analytical data and crash logs. It is now not in use and users are advised to update if they are still running an old version.

User Info

The Windows App requires you to enter your Ubisoft Email and Password to generate the keys that allow the client access to the Ubisoft Database. These are encoded locally and are never accessed or sent by any part of Dragon6 or it’s services.


Sentry is in use to collect crash logs. It cannot be disabled at this point