Dragon6 Privacy Policy

Last Updated: February 2020


Dragon6 is owned and operated by DragonFruit Network.

The use of this service is subject to the agreement of the terms outlined in this page. Please also note that we may change these at any time, without notice.

What data do you collect?

To operate Dragon6, we need you to enter the player’s username and platform to be able to find their stats. This may mean that users lookup other players/accounts that aren’t theirs. These usernames are (supposed to be) aliases and are publicly visible. We also use your IP address the first time you visit the site to predict what region you play ranked in. Cloudflare processes this and no data is retained for this.

What about 3rd Party Services?

We use Google Analytics to learn how people use our service. This means we can adapt the site layout/function to better suit the needs of the users. We also use a server-based analytics service to adapt our software for better responsiveness. From this data, we have been able to reduce server load and user wait times. For the apps, we use Sentry to automatically report errors. This may involve sending device information (Model, Manufacturer, OS Version) to us to help diagnose issues.

Do you store data?

In short, it depends. If you open the site and lookup a user, then we only store the account name and ID for faster lookups in the near future. These are wiped approximately every 5 days. We simply aren’t interested in storing long-term data that has no real meaning. If you decide to signup to the site to access restricted features, then you will need to link your R6 profile to a Social Media account (through Firebase). In this case we only use the Social Media login to store the User-ID and none of the other data. By the end of this process, we end up storing your R6 user-ID (found at the bottom of the player stats page), Firebase ID (social media login) and any links/covers you upload.

Supporters (donors) get extra privileges, like the ability to upload custom backgrounds. DragonFruit Network accepts no responsibility for the content uploaded, but if you are an owner and would like a photo removed please email [email protected] to discuss this.

Do you sell data?

No. We don’t sell data: We’re not out to make a profit. If you’re not convinced, then try to find an advert or any method to make money on the entire site.

So, I signed up. Where is my data being stored?

Firebase (a Google Service) operate a databasing system. We store your data on a secure Google Database within Europe.

I don’t want people looking my account up. How do I stop this?

No problem. All you need to do is email [email protected] with a screenshot of the Dragon6 Stats page open and some proof of ownership (i.e. a Uplay window or a R6 Home Screen with the squad list open. We’ll then block your account and if you signed up, we’ll delete you from our database.

How Accurate is the data you’re showing me?

As accurate as it can be. On any of our sites/apps, the data is taken directly from Ubisoft servers, with no processing in-between. Your device processes this and displays the data directly.

What about cookies?

Yes, we use cookies. They are useful for storing info like your ranked region. Without them you would find the site very slow.

I have another question that you haven’t answered.

Seriously? It’s not an issue. Email [email protected] with your question and we’ll get back to you ASAP.